Friday, April 24, 2009

Business Opportunities Soybean Milk For Home Business

If you are looking for what is the appropriate business to business side of the house, the soybean milk can be one of the options that should be done.

Reasons why the soybean milk can be your choice, because in addition to a small initial capital, now that many parents want their children to grow healthy, but can not afford to buy a milk cow is a factory-built high enough, so that the soybean milk can be an alternative. It's a delicious and cheap also become a factor much sought soybean milk.

Tools needed to make soybean milk.

You just have a special blender to make peanut extract. Form consists of 2 parts, namely a knife cutting a fine filter and equipped with heating (heater). Blender is easily obtainable in electronic stores in your town.

Materials needed to make soybean milk
to 1.5 liters of material required, among other
- Soybean seeds 1 oz
- Water 1.5 liter
- Pandan leaves 1 sheet
- Sugar 1 oz
- Salt

How to create:
Enter the soybean in water for 6-10 minutes prior to be processed. Less or more time soaking akan effect on the soybean extract, so that resulted in dreadful taste. If the soybeans can be used should use soybean import of good quality.
After the soak, soybean in the blender along with water. When mashed pandan leaves can be added, then filtered using a cloth to avoid organdi fiber. If desired you can add a sense synthesis (essence)

If so then have to stay packed in plastic or bottles. You can sell them in the stalls and schools, at home or on your own.
Good luck.

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