Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Trusted New Investment (Lexus Venture LLC)

If you are looking for an aggressive investment in profitable businesses, we are here to offer you the best opportunities ever. LEXUS VENTURE LLC. is a company since 2001 which aims to optimally manage your wealth and achieve a higher return by means of diversified investment all over the world. It dedicated to investments and maintains a strategic focus on some of the highest yielding industries including Forex Market, Crude Oil, Spot Metals (Gold and Silver), Equity Index CFD.

Rich experience, sound governance structure, excellent customer service, strong technical and investment management team, extensive range of smartest strategies, advanced risk control system, all these make LEXUS VENTURE LLC an unique and renowned international enterprise.

Lexus Venture offers you significant advantages over investing on your own, and the best possible regional diversification. We have made great achievement in the past and will continue to provide enhanced performance to all investors, including small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities, working hard to invest our customers' money in the best way and generate superior results.

Investment Product Basic

Interest Rate : 1% Daily
Interest Return : Monday- Friday
Principle Return : 100 Days
Minimum Term : 100 Days
Compounding : Available
Minimum Deposit : USD 10

LV Basic Value, a flexible, diversified solution

LV Basic Value will operate as a diversified fund and invests in all financial products, including but not restricted to equities, bonds, warrants, structured products, money market instruments, derivatives and other investment funds. LV basic value is designed to meet the needs of some small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities. You can start with LV basic value as little as $10. The portfolio manager employs a value approach and works to establish a stable of short term holding. LV Basic value provides you with safe investment.

LV basic value a practical package with stable return! Are you interested in LV basic value?

Investment Product Advance

Interest Rate : 2% Daily
Interest Return : Monday- Friday
Principle Return : 50 Days
Minimum Term : 100 Days
Compounding : Available
Minimum Deposit : USD 100

If you are looking for a flexible, medium term investment along with daily return, LV Advance value is the perfect way for you. It's intended for investors who against the low interest rates, wish to achieve adequate asset diversification, and would like to achieve a stable return regardless of the market .

LV Advance Value, a flexible, diversified solution LV Advance value will operate as a diversified fund and invests in all financial products, including but not restricted to equities, bonds, warrants, structured products, money market instruments, derivatives and other investment funds. LV Advance value is designed to meet the needs of some small investors who also want to take advantage of the investment opportunities. You can start with LV advance value as little as $100. The portfolio manager employs a value approach and works to establish a stable of short term holding. LV advance value provides you with safe investment, while earning stable interest on your money.

LV advance value a practical package with stable return! Are you interested in LV Advance value?

Investment Product Professional

Interest Rate : 2,5% Daily
Interest Return : Monday- Friday
Principle Return : 40 Days
Minimum Term : 100 Days
Compounding : Available
Minimum Deposit : USD 300

Are you interested in benefiting in the medium term form any rise in a basket of quality securities? If so, you should not let LV Professional Target pass you by. LV Professional Target offers an attractive means of diversification within equity and bond components which could offer excellent growth.

Optimize your investment portfolio

LV Professional Target is designed to provide you with the opportunity to enhance your return potential while searching for high growth business opportunities in the global market. It can invest in companies of any size, form large, well-established firms to small, management uses traditional fundamental analysis to evaluate securities and make buy/sell decisions. The portfolio can be altered within the various markets as well as changes in the economic environment. In managing the equity component, the manager employs a stock by stock approach, using comprehensive research and fundamental analysis, with an emphasis on growth companies. In managing the debt component, the manager employs proprietary quantitative techniques to identify bonds that are lower to their intrinsic value. High-yield bonds are used to enhance the investment return within the portfolio.

LV Professional Target Sound diversification! Are you interested in LV Professional Target?

Investment Product Enterprise

Interest Rate : 3% Daily
Interest Return : Monday- Friday
Principle Return : 33 Days
Minimum Term : 100 Days
Compounding : Available
Minimum Deposit : USD 500

Investing safely and profitably in the short term is an art. LV Enterprise Technix, an attractive investment product with the aim of optimally managing your wealth, is designed to achieve a higher return by means of diversified investment in shares of science and technology companies. It offers you the chance of sharing in any rise in a number of selected shares.

Make profitable business more profitable

LV Enterprise Technix invests primary in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of global companies selected for their rapid and sustainable growth potential for development, advancement and use of science and technology. Profitability in the sector has increased sharply. Ongoing mergers and acquisitions are boosting the growth outlook for companies in this sector. The manager utilizes a broad set of technical tools to enhance the timing of buy/sell decisions. LV Enterprise Technix may engage in active and frequent trading of portfolio securities to produce outstanding results.

LV Enterprise Technix, smart investments with high potential! Are you interested in LV Enterprise Technix?

Investment Product Extreme

Interest Rate : 3,5% Daily
Interest Return : Monday- Friday
Principle Return : 28 Days
Minimum Term : 100 Days
Compounding :< Available
Minimum Deposit : USD 1000

Are you looking for a short term investment along with a high return? If so, Extreme LV Focus should be right up your street which allows you to invest your money wisely. It seeks to maximize total return by investing primarily in forex, gold and common stocks and funds of establishedcompanies in Asia believed to have high potential earnings and higher potential capital gains.

Innovative, strategic approach, highest possible yield

Extreme LV Focus in invests chiefly in forex as well as a diversified portfolio of shares and funds issued by companies that are established in Asia and whose shares are listed or traded there. Thanks to LV fund specialists' dynamic management techniques, our portfolio manager endeavor to select the shares with the greatest upside potential on you behalf and achieve the optimal portfolio composition all time. Their sole objective is to ensure that you achieve the best return. We recommend the Extreme LV Focus for an exclusive and attractive investment. You can benefit from the robust LV economy and gain highest interest rate in the LV market.

Extreme LV Focus, not just better, but the best. Are you interested in Extreme LV Focus?

Online Registration & Official Website Replica Live Now!

Dear Value Traders,

Lexus Ventures LLC. have developt a new "tools" for all the traders to expand the business faster and get a "niche" through Internet such as Social Networking or Internet Marketing.

We have built a new software to member to register ONLINE!

There are 2 ways to do public (Online) Registration:


1. Click on the "Open New Account" links on the top of right side of or just simply click:
choose one of the package you want to Invest.

EXAMPLE: enter the sponsor id = 1066006 (DAVID)

2. Go to Liberty Reserve and open new account in Liberty Reserve, here is the link:

3. Buy a credit from Liberty Reserve Exhanger, you can search for an Exchanger:

4. Back to the Registration page and Pay Online using Liberty Reserve.

5. Klik "Back To Merchant" when finish the steps on Liberty Reserve page


Using the web replica, (your Trader account number)
This link will embedded your Trader ID and automatically put you as the "Direct Sponsor" and the New investor as your direct line!

You can promote your business from your home now! and this will make Lexus Venture LLC. one of the fastest growing e-commerce trading system ever-made!!

We have committment to keep developing new "Tools" for you to make our Value Traders easier to do online promotion.

Best Regards,
Lexus Ventures LLC. Administrator.

UK Address
Forex Lexus Venture Limited
company number= 7744898

US Address
Lexus Venture LLC
44 Wall Street NY, 10005,
Wall Street, United States of America.

Panama Address
Lexus Venture LLC
Azuero Business Center, Suite 383
Avenida Perez Chitre
Panama, APD 0601-00395
Republica de Panama

Lexus Venture LLC:
(+507) 832-6699

lexus venture indonesia


SPONSOR ID: 1066006

OR CALL : +628125651240


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Applying For a Job? Frequently Asked Interview

Often feel confused about how to answer questions from interviewers working? Learn first estimate of the questions often asked the interviewer below.

1. What are your weaknesses?
Before meeting the interviewer, think good answer to this question. This question is enough to trap. Because these views if you know yourself better, and if there will be efforts to improve themselves. Recommended for you find out the positive side of what you will say. For example, "I am very concerned in detail and in some industries, are too detailed can take a long time making it less necessary. However, in the position I've applied this accounting, I think I can work well and comfortable. "

2. Why did you quit the previous job?
As much as possible you do not say negative things about the place of the previous work. Try to remain neutral and sufficiently answered. For example, "my previous work place is no place for me who likes to be creative personality freely. But from there I learned that in an organization has a certain characteristic type like a human. Now I know that I will work better in places that require independent thinkers and have a working method that is different from where I was before. "

3. Why do you want to work here?
Well, to answer this question, it takes a willingness to investigate and find out about the destination. Find out a little about the background of the company. Eg, "I want to be part of a global company in one year alone could invest 1.4 billion dollars just to research and development of environmentally friendly industrial processes."

4. Tell me about yourself.
This is your chance to show off, but not to tell your life history. Start with your character, awards you've received, education, or jobs that are relevant to the targeted position. Do not have too much depth to any personal information unless the information is related to the spoken work. For example, "I am the type who likes creativity. I have been a sales manager for five years and use my creativity to create unique incentives to make the sales below me motivated. Because of these ideas, my sales team to get a lot of appreciation from the company. "

5. Tell me about the worst boss you've ever encountered.
Although this is seen as a "means" good for bercurhat about the ex-boss was annoying, but you must resist the temptation. Rather than try to be sensible, for example, "Although none of my former boss sucks, but have taught me more about the various things than others."

6. What goals you want to go?
This question is a good question to be answered according to a statement of purpose in life is written on your CV. Keep detailed, but not excessive. For example, "I want to work as a civil engineer at a company that concentrates on retail development. Ideally, I wanted to work in a rapidly growing company, like this place, so I was able to learn everything I could learn as early as possible about the many ways in which the company is growing. "But there are certain places that expect honest answers of prospective employees, for example by saying that you are looking for a better income. Should also be noted the character of the interviewer.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Want to Become a Successful Woman?

Being a career woman in suskses one should pay attention to the family is not easy. Especially for women in big cities with incredible strees level, in addition to smart divide the time required, shall continue to hone her skills so as not to miss. It is not easy to switch roles in a single day, from career woman by day and become a housewife in the evening.

But sometimes the routine is doing because of its dual role, making her easy to give up because it caused a problem. Whether it was saturated with office work piling up, a small disturbance with the husband or the kids or maybe the obligations of daily life sometimes felt as a compulsion.

Yes, the spirit is the right word to evoke a sense of confidence when falling or exasperation. Because then you'll know that power to solve a problem of whack, do an activity is always optimistic in everything.

Not easy indeed facilitate the said spirit within you, if not the motivation and strong desire to re-emerged from the downturn. Struggling in saturation, the protracted problems without trying to resolve and would assume that obligation as a burden is not a wise action.

Try to recall the origins of this problem coming, then introspection what should be improved and what should be on the left. That way you can analyze problems in a problem spot. Because of a problem there must be a way out, although it was not as beautiful as the road is thinking.

So cultivate and bring always the word 'spirit' in your life everyday. That way the achievement of the ideals that you're after will come true and always motivated pioneering problems as stepping stones to success.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting a Business Has Failed? Why Not?

Life was so wonderful, days you daydream and imagine the successes already achieved during this time, but suddenly there's reverie is broken. You find a failure that is to this day is also a stumbling block that could not be removed.

Naturally if you are afraid to fail in life. But always be overshadowed thoughts of failure can cause your mental illness. Realize that perfection in life means a failure or success.

No one is successful without experiencing failure first. Take the example of Thomas Alfa Edison, inventor of the incandescent lamp is ten thousand times failed to make the light bulb before finding the right formula. Even Einstein had never lived and did not pass the exam grade, before becoming a famous physicist.

The most important thing you should never give up by the failure or defeat. Conversely, should you accept defeat as a test or challenge to achieve something better. But as human beings who have the intellect, of course, you will try to prevent and avoid failure.

Human life must have a purpose, if the purpose of your trip to the west so prepare to west, as well as if your choices down to the south or east. So, if your life's purpose is unclear, the failure will be the closer in your life.

If it is necessary to have ambition. Because it is important to pep up your life goals. If you lack ambition, the way you achieve goals haltingly. Because it is too slow, then you can meet with failure.

In this digital era, competition becomes more intense and horrible. Without proper education it increasingly difficult to hold your success. So if you want success, you inevitably have to have enough education. Because at least with an education can hone your intellectual property. It is the capital to avoid failure.

Do not ever feel jealous of others' success. Since this will take you deeper into the abyss of failure, be assured that you have the same ability but maybe in different areas. Because the pursuit of the success of others and try to go beyond the success that you can not share with anyone.

Self-confidence will help you achieve what you want. Lack of confidence makes you always feel free to do anything. As a result you will be familiar with the word failure.

In some people's success can be achieved due to reckless capital. Too much consideration and careful, make your left. It was like, while others almost reached the finish line, you are just starting square off.

Although failure is a natural thing, but certainly not a recipe for living life. Or you want to plan a slave for passers-by and held up his hand as he asked for his help.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Behaviours of Barber and Tailor Shop

Once again on a different behavior. This time about a barber and a tailor. What's the difference? Let's look briefly.

Sometimes, I myself found it strange to human beings, why, how can make a strange conclusion. I mean this. We see someone who is working so capster at the salon, we immediately thought that he was a gentle, sure-a little bit strange. But we never thought someone who also works became a barber at regular barber. Actually, what's the difference, a man familiar with the male barber barber at the salon? Is it because of different places, automatically, different sexual orientation?

Similarly, men who worked to become a designer. We immediately thought might be that he likes women, and men. Or maybe just like with men. We are so prejudiced (though perhaps this is true) but if it means represent all? It is a strange thing for us. Designers are also just making clothes, except that he who designed and did not make directly.

He was, many tailors who were scattered in my city. Or Singapore? I often sew or make clothes with the seamstresses who happened to be male. Why would someone not questioning their sexual orientation? Is it because of caste differences. A designer clothing because it is located at the top level, so it is highlighted in behavior, whether distorted or not, and if there are few minor differences immediately get a judge that he is a "sick". Meanwhile, an ordinary seamstress because only a seamstress, then people would not think that maybe he has a sexual disorder.

Our society was not fair to me. Two types of jobs equally done by men, but due to different conditions, different places, have different effects. Though not necessarily the actual conditions like that.

Try to think about, not necessarily a designer was a homosexual, it may be just an ordinary seamstress is gay. Although we can not deny that the work associated with the designer or working in the salon is identical to the third grade, he said you know, the whispering neighbors, hahaha (that's if we still consider the man and woman are in two different classes).

But it would be nice if we did not rush in to judge if we ourselves do not know clearly, because a mistake in judging is bad, especially if it has to do with friends or family. Better to go through first, if we are really interested to find out, or store that information in private, did not return spread to other people, like gossip, fear, if any, could bring negative effects to our own. Moreover, a rumor can spread uncontrolled, and can be very different from the original story. If it so, do not be caused mending something if we do not know for sure. Better for personal consumption. So, let's look more openly, with a wider mind. Please enjoy regular facials and shaving the same people in the salon, hehehea

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Make Your Website Become Automatic Money Factory

If a merchant capital is money, then your capital as an internet business is the web site. Yes, the web site. Therefore your business success is determined by how you manage the web. Do not expect to make a web site alone can direct your rich, if not managed properly.

Well, this is an apt strategy is needed. Strive for your web site known to many people. Say, that your website exists. Well, how? You can imitate my step.

1. Make your website interesting
Whether you believe or not. The first step internet marketing business faces competition is polishing your web site. These steps seem trivial, but important.

Create your own website to attract customers as possible. In managing, you have to pay attention to looks, design, and content. I am sure in a way that visitors will be more interested, not just coming.

If you feel your web site look less attractive, change the design. But be careful not to misstep. Do not make your web site just shattered. Look carefully color, background, images, and illustrations. Try all of that support content and nice views.

2. Move with the search engines
In order for your web site the more you should increase the quality of your products and services. Indulge the guests with many benefits. Give them a good product and service. I am sure, visitors will flock. But, if you think it's not enough there are other ways ushered visitors.

Well, another way is familiarizing your web site with search engines. Better yet, every time a visitor uses search engines, your web site listed. How, to use keywords that are often used visitors. Integrate the keywords in the website title, meta description, and posting.

3. Spread the link
Another way you can travel is by spreading the link. You can start by building a network with other business sites. Make the bookmarks to other web sites to know your business. With so traces of your site will spread everywhere. Another way you can do, you do the comment while visiting others. Do it regularly.

Easy right? This way your web site visitors would increase. More and more guests the greater the chance of them buying your products. Good luck ...

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Maintaining or Sell My Business?

The ultimate goal of starting a business is that companies will still live beyond the age of your own.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Most businesses die with the founders and their owners. When the owner retired or died, the company began to lack of business systems and management structure to maintain the business, what else to grow and develop.

The success of an entrepreneur is measured by the level where he can make himself of no further use in the company. From day one, your goal should be to build a business that can work without you. Strategies for success are: Entrepreneurs build business systems. Then they can hire professionals to run their business.

Once you achieve this, then you will have a dairy cow that can make money as a passive income every month. And although the company is maintaining a good thing, there are a number of reasons why these companies sell is also a good choice when the time is right.

All businesses go through a cycle. No business can continue to benefit. Because of economic changes and changes in humans, the competitive advantage a business can quickly be abandoned or taken over by new competitors. In order to maintain the business life, you should continue to be pumped full of fresh blood with new ideas to make your business young again every five or ten years.

If you can not continue to maintain the flow of energy needed by your business, you better sell the business while the top and has a high value. Usually sales results you get will be greater than if you continue to maintain the business.

One way to sell your business is to make public company, and after a certain period of time sell shares you hold in the stock market with premium prices very high (usually the market price above the 20 times earnings per share earned in the period years ago, or commonly known as P / E or Price Earning Ratio). Another way is to do a trade sale or sale of businesses in other words, you sold the company to a larger competitor or other related businesses.

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Snack Cakes business and, from the Kitchen House

For those of you who want to start a business or mothers who wish to help their husbands earn more, develop their own business from home can be the most appropriate choice. In times of economic crisis when many layoffs occur and that the family income decreased, the alternative is to open business solutions that best fit.
Home-based business is the work done at home. Small scale or micro-managed, of course, usually an individual or family. Small business home into the right solution for some people. This business is a lot of that stuff. The easiest to do is open a home-based businesses snacks and cakes from the kitchen.

With a very affordable capital of this business can be started. Even with the knee capital was selling snacks and cakes can be made. With a hundred thousand dollars for example, you can create and sell cilot in front of the school. With limited capital you sell someone else for a burger sold at home for example. So do you pay for it. So little capital is needed. Small capital for business from home is usually done in stages from childhood and then gradually into large scale.

These efforts require relatively sophisticated machinery or equipment. With owned kitchen equipment can sell this food. So could the investment fund is pressed, even you do not need to invest first. Enough with the frying pan, stove and pans in the kitchen owned, you can become entrepreneurs peanut brittle, peanut crackers or egg packaging.

Business snacks and cakes are easy and practical to do. You do not need to have special skills to open this business. Cooking is very easy to do by anyone not even a cake business experts masakpun and snacks can be developed. If you want experts, available various recipe books and cooking classes that teach the right way to make snacks and cakes.

Market share snacks and cakes, including a large. Indonesian people have a habit of snacking is done for free while, relaxing or waiting for a meal. Drinking tea or party must be served cookies and snack foods as a filler. The presence of snacks and cakes in many instances is a potential great market. People still need Klappertart for social gathering, take a banana fritters for tea afternoon, eat cassava chips while waiting for the bus, school kids fill the stomach with a variety of snacks during recess. So big a market for snacks and cakes are a lot of food consumed in a variety of occasions.

Business snacks and cakes from the kitchen is one of the very small business risks. One might even say if the snacks and cakes are not edible own behavior. Greatest risk to the wet cake or fresh perishable. As for snacks and pastries are durable can survive a few months so is still relatively safe to be sold the next day.

Business snacks and cookies from home can not be underestimated because the small business scale. However, the benefits snacks and homemade cakes, including a large. Some types of special cakes are delicious and expensive to obtain large profits 45%. For cakes and snacks with the fierce competition between profit 20-25%. Snack cakes and higher fortunately if packaged interesting and beautiful.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harmonious Model of Body Hair

Long hair

The definition of long hair is a hair past shoulder length. Long hair is not suitable for short women because you create such as children aged 12 years hold. It is also not suitable for women, a certain kind of face is long and narrow. Long hair looks beautiful, especially in lean women with oval face, or the like Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Model long hair that looks beautiful in general is a model of v: the length of the back and shorter on both sides of the face. This model because it looks pretty long in the back and not around the face.

Short hair

Hair consists of a short-range variation. To find out the length of the most suited to you, note the best and worst asset, its your hair. Super short hair will make the women appear very high, or too masculine looks very strong. For women, a certain kind of face rounded, short hair can make the face appear more fully rounded. Model is a better long under the chin. If the chin is tapering, avoid models that fall right in the long chin. If you have as beautiful, select the model with short bangs that fall right in the eye and styled with a side slit.

Model according to the type of hair

To get a haircut that beautify the face, note the type of hair. Including whether the dry, stiff, crinkly, thin, limp, oily, wavy, or fine hair. For thin hair that tends to fall limp, hair will appear more fully with the short model. Hair coarse, wavy must be weighted down with long hair. Short hair model to make the blooms and waved. So also with hair bangs. If your hair curls and avoid rigid model because the bangs make the curls of hair. Straight hair that can fall flat, but the volume will be more model layers. Hopefully useful.

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