Friday, May 7, 2010

Behaviours of Barber and Tailor Shop

Once again on a different behavior. This time about a barber and a tailor. What's the difference? Let's look briefly.

Sometimes, I myself found it strange to human beings, why, how can make a strange conclusion. I mean this. We see someone who is working so capster at the salon, we immediately thought that he was a gentle, sure-a little bit strange. But we never thought someone who also works became a barber at regular barber. Actually, what's the difference, a man familiar with the male barber barber at the salon? Is it because of different places, automatically, different sexual orientation?

Similarly, men who worked to become a designer. We immediately thought might be that he likes women, and men. Or maybe just like with men. We are so prejudiced (though perhaps this is true) but if it means represent all? It is a strange thing for us. Designers are also just making clothes, except that he who designed and did not make directly.

He was, many tailors who were scattered in my city. Or Singapore? I often sew or make clothes with the seamstresses who happened to be male. Why would someone not questioning their sexual orientation? Is it because of caste differences. A designer clothing because it is located at the top level, so it is highlighted in behavior, whether distorted or not, and if there are few minor differences immediately get a judge that he is a "sick". Meanwhile, an ordinary seamstress because only a seamstress, then people would not think that maybe he has a sexual disorder.

Our society was not fair to me. Two types of jobs equally done by men, but due to different conditions, different places, have different effects. Though not necessarily the actual conditions like that.

Try to think about, not necessarily a designer was a homosexual, it may be just an ordinary seamstress is gay. Although we can not deny that the work associated with the designer or working in the salon is identical to the third grade, he said you know, the whispering neighbors, hahaha (that's if we still consider the man and woman are in two different classes).

But it would be nice if we did not rush in to judge if we ourselves do not know clearly, because a mistake in judging is bad, especially if it has to do with friends or family. Better to go through first, if we are really interested to find out, or store that information in private, did not return spread to other people, like gossip, fear, if any, could bring negative effects to our own. Moreover, a rumor can spread uncontrolled, and can be very different from the original story. If it so, do not be caused mending something if we do not know for sure. Better for personal consumption. So, let's look more openly, with a wider mind. Please enjoy regular facials and shaving the same people in the salon, hehehea

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