Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting a Business Has Failed? Why Not?

Life was so wonderful, days you daydream and imagine the successes already achieved during this time, but suddenly there's reverie is broken. You find a failure that is to this day is also a stumbling block that could not be removed.

Naturally if you are afraid to fail in life. But always be overshadowed thoughts of failure can cause your mental illness. Realize that perfection in life means a failure or success.

No one is successful without experiencing failure first. Take the example of Thomas Alfa Edison, inventor of the incandescent lamp is ten thousand times failed to make the light bulb before finding the right formula. Even Einstein had never lived and did not pass the exam grade, before becoming a famous physicist.

The most important thing you should never give up by the failure or defeat. Conversely, should you accept defeat as a test or challenge to achieve something better. But as human beings who have the intellect, of course, you will try to prevent and avoid failure.

Human life must have a purpose, if the purpose of your trip to the west so prepare to west, as well as if your choices down to the south or east. So, if your life's purpose is unclear, the failure will be the closer in your life.

If it is necessary to have ambition. Because it is important to pep up your life goals. If you lack ambition, the way you achieve goals haltingly. Because it is too slow, then you can meet with failure.

In this digital era, competition becomes more intense and horrible. Without proper education it increasingly difficult to hold your success. So if you want success, you inevitably have to have enough education. Because at least with an education can hone your intellectual property. It is the capital to avoid failure.

Do not ever feel jealous of others' success. Since this will take you deeper into the abyss of failure, be assured that you have the same ability but maybe in different areas. Because the pursuit of the success of others and try to go beyond the success that you can not share with anyone.

Self-confidence will help you achieve what you want. Lack of confidence makes you always feel free to do anything. As a result you will be familiar with the word failure.

In some people's success can be achieved due to reckless capital. Too much consideration and careful, make your left. It was like, while others almost reached the finish line, you are just starting square off.

Although failure is a natural thing, but certainly not a recipe for living life. Or you want to plan a slave for passers-by and held up his hand as he asked for his help.

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