Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harmonious Model of Body Hair

Long hair

The definition of long hair is a hair past shoulder length. Long hair is not suitable for short women because you create such as children aged 12 years hold. It is also not suitable for women, a certain kind of face is long and narrow. Long hair looks beautiful, especially in lean women with oval face, or the like Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Model long hair that looks beautiful in general is a model of v: the length of the back and shorter on both sides of the face. This model because it looks pretty long in the back and not around the face.

Short hair

Hair consists of a short-range variation. To find out the length of the most suited to you, note the best and worst asset, its your hair. Super short hair will make the women appear very high, or too masculine looks very strong. For women, a certain kind of face rounded, short hair can make the face appear more fully rounded. Model is a better long under the chin. If the chin is tapering, avoid models that fall right in the long chin. If you have as beautiful, select the model with short bangs that fall right in the eye and styled with a side slit.

Model according to the type of hair

To get a haircut that beautify the face, note the type of hair. Including whether the dry, stiff, crinkly, thin, limp, oily, wavy, or fine hair. For thin hair that tends to fall limp, hair will appear more fully with the short model. Hair coarse, wavy must be weighted down with long hair. Short hair model to make the blooms and waved. So also with hair bangs. If your hair curls and avoid rigid model because the bangs make the curls of hair. Straight hair that can fall flat, but the volume will be more model layers. Hopefully useful.

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