Friday, November 13, 2009

Women's Career VS Housewife

Hey bloggers ... I wonder what the difference is most noticeable between these two professions? Career women tend to be more independent, well-established, earning himself and of course tend to principled.

Meanwhile, housewife in accordance with what I see everyday, if housewives would soon feel bored at home, there is a separate envy see friends who work, especially in financial matters. In the Trend problem housewives also often miss the information.

But while heavy rain, scorching heat, congestion, flood .. Excess housewife, housewives-enakkan can sleep well at home, without having to feel the natural phenomena .. Housewives are also tired, thinking about what food should be made today, treat and teach children, not to mention the problem of cleaning ..

Sometimes housewives feel her career is more meaningful than a house wife, house wife but also more meaningful than a career woman as long as we can with the times there, certainly a positive well ... So, bottom line this time a housewife is not ashamed to be a mother just household for his only child ..

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