Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Overcome Sleep

Drowsiness is a common symptom, but can be used if it is not excessive. The reason is not because there is something wrong with my eyes. Eyeball just got a signal from the brain, whereas brain get signals from one organ in the body indicating that something is wrong in one organ in your body.

We recommend you check into the lab to check levels of hemoglobin (hb). In the men said to have anemia if her hb levels less than 14/dl. Whereas hb levels in women less than 12g/dl.

Anemia can be caused by a variety of reasons, including: decreased production of red blood cells (eg deficiency anemia) and increased destruction of red blood cells (eg, anemia due to bleeding).

Another thing that can cause drowsiness is a disturbance in the digestive system of the large intestine (colon). These disorders are usually shaped constipation. Constipation is a condition in which a person having trouble bowel caused by a buildup or blockage of the intestines by the remnants of food.

Someone who does not perform CHAPTER 14 hours more than likely to suffer from constipation. However, there are no guarantees when doing CHAPTER say three times a day free of constipation.

How to detect the existence of constipation or can not be seen through the palm of the hand: if the lines in the palm of the hand and finger joints the dark, indicates a problem with constipation. If the index finger and middle finger stretched aching, also indicate the existence of constipation. While the problem of the large intestine can be seen in the state of the thumb or little finger is crooked.

If you are sleepy, there is an easy way to handle it, namely by doing moderate exercise, such as doing push ups against the wall or table. Another way, by clapping his hands, doing the low round of applause and then faster and faster, then returned to the applause slowly again. And do as many as two or three times. Benefits from other clapping could warm the body and restore your stamina, also occurs detoxification (toxic waste). After applauding, you will feel revived.

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