Saturday, October 17, 2009

Options For Office Clothing

We could follow the fashions that developed but must be adapted to circumstances. Some services use a sewing clothes, sewing clothes, there is also a convection directly into clothing / convection clothes. With these tips, we can follow fashion trends while still appear confident in the workplace.

1. Blazer, Blouse, and Ro or trousers is a collection of work clothes should be owned.

- Choose neutral colors for easy mixing, matching, so do not look boring.

- Select the quality of a good sewing clothes.

- To give the impression feminine, choose A-line skirt with a neutral color so you can easily paired with other clothing options.

- To give the impression of masculine, for example: choose a suit jacket of gray pants with a blouse with floral lace accents. (let's see: Convection Clothing, Convection Uniform, Create Uniform, dress uniforms).

- To give the impression preppy gilrl, for example: matching black skirt A-line with a white shirt and a maroon sweater. Another option, orange cardigan, tank top and gray pants. To be sewing clothes clothing itself or to convection clothes to make clothes / repair sewing clothes.

2. Work clothing for large body:

- Select a straight-cut skirt 7 / 8 with a slit in the back or on one side to hide the thighs and calves tend to be large

- Avoid tight blouse, blouses and shirts choose the appropriate sizes. Even if wearing a uniform or dress uniform does not matter.

3. Clothing for the tiny body of work:

- Choose a skirt that was cut along with a thick enough material above the knee or right at the knee to increase the volume of the body and raise the body silhouette.

- Try to use solid colors and is not accompanied by a picture or any motive to give the impression to enlarge the area of the body silhouette. You can use convection or convection uniform clothing.

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