Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Cause Of The Hair Is Not Healthy

Hair is a grace. But beauty often be disturbed by dandruff or hair miscarriage. As a result the hair becomes damaged dam not healthy.

Furfur cells is the epidermis and peel off the shell-like shapes. The kind of mushroom (Pityosparum ovale), which appears on the scalp.

Furfur more severe if we use a hair product regulation is excessive, such as hairspray, gel, oil or signs, including cold weather and weather changes. In addition, the use of headgear in a long time and use shampoo that does not match the type of skin sensitivity and also extend furfur.

Hair has a growth cycle of hair and miscarriage. After reaching a certain age, hair will fall out. When the cycle is not balanced, this dilution will occur.

Genetic factors from the start after puber, usually before the age of 40 years. In the men's, depletion of hair marked the retreat line of hair from the forehead to the crown of the head. Medium miscarriage on women's hair generally at the top of the head. With a strict diet eating patterns also become one of the causes of miscarriage from the hair nutrition. This is due to imbalance Feed protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Spikis factors, such as stress, participated hair trigger miscarriage. When our stress, approximately 10-15 percent of folikel hair growing suddenly silent in the incoming (derman). Miscarriage of hair can also be caused by hormones that are not balanced due traumatik events, such as after childbirth or drinking certain drugs.

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