Sunday, April 26, 2009

Business Online or Offline?

Indonesia is now in the business via the Internet growing rapidly. Can not you? Free Hot Spot is everywhere not to mention the consumer can select, choose, want speedy, IM2 Media or First? Computer? Can select a new personal PC? used? Warnet? Laptop? It is, where the most fit for you.

But also many who still doubt Here are some tips that you can think about when you want to start doing business, business online or offline?

Online business is ....

1. It takes patience because the high does not take a little
Why? For beginners (which bener-bener beginners), you must be patient to learn what business is online, what is required, to make a website if you want to learn them yourself or other people to create websites. Clear that if you want to create another website does not cost cheap. In addition you need to dig a lot of information because the business is also a lot of trial and error. Maybe one day you will be busy brain especial website, can also not be successful.

2. Capital need
Online business with the capital knee? Oh Noooo ... not possible! If you already have your own PC at home is good .... But still you must subscribe to the internet provider plus pay electricity!
Create a PC do not have to necessarily be a computer cafe or in the office. Indeed many on the internet for free, such as blog and its contents can be found for free. But you know that by using that it takes a lot of time and effort that hard? During this time I see books about business on the internet discussing about this business in a way that "seems" very-very easy. I do not want to frighten you by saying that the business is difficult, but "BUSINESS NEED THIS TIME, CAPITAL, AND WORK HARD."

3. Work Hard
They already have the world experience the Internet (online business) is not the only or the silent type-type currently hold little money. One big! I plainly see in the shops, this book seems to take the business, ongkang-ongkang feet can hold the money! Business is not a rich quick business. How many people feel have worked hard but failed .... If you do not see yourself to believe, some famous names such as Anne Ahira Joko Susilo or not to do business only within one or two years, but more than that except, if you have an educational background on the computer, web design or the other of the Internet-related issues.

Then ... after we see a real online business that is easy business? Hmmm, again I do not intend frighten you, but just give you a plus for those of you who enter intend to "sign in" to the online world. Later I will also give a description of the article in the online business profit in the next, just waiting ... ... ..

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