Sunday, April 26, 2009

Educating Children for Can Generate Money

Error of our society that causes the population is left behind compared to neighbor countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, because since our children educated and trained not to think how to make money with selling.

Generally, many parents ask their children to learn with good will can get a job in government agencies, organizations / companies that provide large salaries to the employees. Almost very few parents ask their children to trade, sell, working independently, after graduate school.

So, after graduate school, almost all young people roll in applying for jobs. Very few who directly own a business. If you have yet, it is usually difficult to obtain because of the work, so forced to open their own business.

Said national coaching mentor, Ustad Samsul Arifin, this is the big mistake of the Indonesian people, so we do not forward. Always in our society due to poverty mindset or paradigm for thinking about the education their children.

This must be changed. Since small children must always strive for independence. They are trained, how can make money without depending on their own to other people.

Given the Commission
Maybe this a very good example of my friends, who have already thought ahead to achieve prosperity for themselves, their families, and communities.

He has a seven-course English. Target high school students. Of particular interest is how he find the course participants. He does not need to seek its own, but to recruit high school students from many schools.

Students who successfully invite other students to join agencies in English, led the commission given to its percent of the cost of the course. For example, the course costs $ 10 per month, the students who successfully invite other students join the course will be given the commission $ 5.
If he successfully invite 10 friends, then he will receive $ 50 commission. So on.

According to him, there are two advantages to the participants how to find courses that he apply.
First, he does not need to search for prospective students who are willing to follow the courses in the institution. With the recruitment of such, he automatically has a lot of marketers.

Practices of this kind has generally run in the online business. The owners usually offer products to members to become a reseller or affiliate, the commission (fee) to 70 percent. The result is very unusual.

Second, he (my friend) may train students to get the money, which means to help alleviate the burden of parents. Students concerned will also be used to always think how to make money themselves. So, they will have skills in business.

Out of school, they already run a normal business activity / business. No fear of unemployment. Even later expected to create employment.

Congratulations practice this way, including for parents in educating their children. Ustad Samsul said, parents do not educate their children to become peminta work, but the creator of the work. People who can create jobs quickly, or will have business success rather than just as a worker.

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