Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prepare Your Son-Daughter Since Early To Reach The Future Bright

Have you thought or a moment think what will happen 10-20 years later.
One thing I definitely is the more serious challenges to the level of competition that increasingly tight in all areas of life along with the increasing population. Then how about the fate son - your daughter later in the day to come? Hmm ... surely you, as wise parents who do not want to have your daughter, son of the future is bleak.
I believe you are people that have a motto 'It's better than yesterday ... tomorrow more than today.

Then, how to prepare your daughter, son carry a better future, are:
The provision of good nutrition, mental Provide guidance and spiritual, to give attention and affection, to give you quality of education in popular schools.
This is a fourth modalitas you must give to your daughter, son.
Can you give to the rich heritage, son of your daughter later, but it will not survive long if your daughter, son can not manage it well.

Then what are factors that can prevent / destroy the future of your daughter, son. There are two factors that can damage the future of the internal and external factors. Internal factors, namely the role of the family environment you can control the conditions or circumstances daughter and son of the external factors such as the environment outside the home environment and school environment to play the son of your daughter. Special school environment for dependable controlled environment are the school play / control the crowd that it is not. This is the environment that can potentially damage the future of my daughter, son, if only one friend in choosing / environment association.

I take advantage of sparing the time to spare for things to make it more useful and avoid the things that are not useful ... and how .. you can request back to the son of your daughter to do the Homework or discuss subjects that are taught in school time on the sidelines to spare. Thus, you can monitor your daughter, son.

To further improve the learning achievement, you can use the services of a private teacher will guide and accompany your daughter, son learning at home to maximize the performance of your daughter, son in school.

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