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Free Treatment In The UK

This morning I was watching a film documentary entitled Sicko Michael Moore sineas paper. Unlike usual, this time I very interested in the documentary film this one, up-until almost too late to go to the office. Film is about a comparison between the cost of health care in many countries. I see that was only about the cost of health care in the UK.

In the UK, the cost of treatment is almost not there. Almost no? Yes, that very fact. For UK residents aged under 16 years old and above 60 years is completely exempt from all fees associated with the health alias free. Health care costs only apply to people aged between 16 to 60 years, because the age range is considered to be productive age. The magnitude is, only people who have the income to pay the cost of health care. The cost incurred is not at large.

How big do? Only 6.65 pounds or about U.S. $ 10 for each prescription drug is redeemed, and charge a flat. In the sense that any type of drugs listed in the recipe, both flu medicine, to cure for HIV, regardless of the type and quantity, the price must still be paid 6.65 pounds or about U.S. $ 10. Then how about the Inpatient? Inpatient is not charged alias free.

Because it's not, Michael taking the self to perform a variety of ways to prove the truth of such a treatment system. Interview begins at the hospital, and the interview began with hospital staff. Some of the questions presented to the hospital staff, and trust has begun to become Michael.

The interviews and survey the location to give the fact that it does not have the billing, administration and payment for such. Administration only intended to record the name of the patient and treatment history prior to then collect on the property in the patient medical record. Too good to be true? Why is the case in reality.

But not everything was revealed. Michael pursue his interview to the other parts of the hospital. He is very confident, sure there are places where patients must pay. How about? He decided to go to the Emergency Unit, because here the patient would have to pay a deposit or the like to obtain treatment.

Interviews continued with the re-sources employees in the Emergency Unit, which was different from the input Michael, because all patients receive treatment directly into the Emergency Unit. There are no questions about the social cards, card Askes, and others that there is no relation to the condition of the patient, who asked really focus on what affects the patient to immediately determine the appropriate follow-up. Patient's identity can be obtained later, as foreign tourists are in fact get the same treatment, there is no question about the cards, passports, and others. Basically anyone patient, resident or non-English, will receive quality service with the same.

Then, if a foreign tourist, and how much? Yes the same, for free treatment, and only $ 10 for drugs. What if patients need chemotherapy, physiotherapy, etc. wash the blood that should be costly in many other countries? Stay free of charge, any form of treatment, all free of charge, unless the burden is only one pharmacy that is retroactive tariffs. The too good to be true?

According to experience, something too good to be true is almost impossible, because it is usually the best. Nah, leave the pattern of thought like that, Michael resumed the search. And correct it, because trust Michael suddenly shifted slightly. After Michael around, finally found the cashier (cashier). Facts such as this raise new doubts, because if it does not need to pay for any treatment in the hospital (except for drugs that are only U.S. $ 10 earlier, and paid directly to the pharmacy), and to have what the cashier at the exit near the hospital? A very good question. And this question directly delivered to the cashier to give employees a very surprising answer. What's the answer?

Turns function cashier near the exit is to transport the money may be needed by patients to ensure that the patient arrived in the place of the objective, even-patient was also interviewed by officers sempatnya cashier to ensure the patient is no destination more convenient to help the process it. So the cashier in the hospital rather than in cash as a medium for the hospital, but to cash out. Shocking eh?, For treatment rather than spend money even receive money. Am I dreaming or what?

Then how this system work? How can so nice ya? Institutions behind the system is the NHS, National Health Service, a government owned institution which is authorized to ensure the health of British citizens can be protected with a maximum. The sources in this documentary recounts the early terbentuknya NHS. In the 1930's, unemployment in the UK reached a level that very concern.

Strange at the time of world war I and II took place, around 1941 to 1945, unemployment is very dramatically reduced, even to a naught. Why? Because almost all people including the productive workforce aged (category incoming labor force) be merged in the event of war, both as a military power, medical, etc.. Now, when almost all workers can be merged to the war aims of notabene human life, why not absorb the labor force for the purpose of saving human lives. This underlie the formation of the NHS, which began operating on 5 July 1948.

With the NHS, the best able to absorb labor, and goals to ensure the health of the UK slowly but surely the form. Questions that appear again is, what should be done so that the system is able to survive like this? How do I get a nearly free treatment is able to provide services with high quality, and the patient satisfied?. because we know that is usually something that usually has a free pickup of quality. Never heard a statement or a question such as this, "lha wong free I want to take," or "I still be free I protest?", Again there is more serious statement, "The bill is clearly not only the quality, what else is free.

In fact the system was created so that even if free, quality health services remains a priority. All employees who work in the NHS and is affiliasinya UK government officials, who receive salaries from the British government. A doctor in the NHS has a salary range of 85 thousand Pounds Sterling per year (or about 120 thousand U.S. dollars). With the salary of a physician who is interviewed by Michael accident, is able to have a home worth 550 thousand Pounds Sterling, a luxury car output and pension benefits that are more than enough to guarantee their lives in the old days.

Then, let alone that can guarantee a doctor or NHS staff will provide the best service to the patient? In fact there is one more component of the salary is variable, the system may look simple, but its impact extraordinary. Components are variables, obtained through a calculation based on the patient's medical record by the employee concerned. Like what? So every development in the medical record the patient is monitored and documented in accordance with its responsible.

The more patients who successfully recover, the more you stop smoking, and others that lead to a more healthy direction, the more prosperous doctor / NHS employee, because of the amount recovered, the stop smoking etc. it is to be coefficients of the variable multiplied with a value which is the additional revenue for the doctor / NHS employee. With this system, the doctor / staff will always strive to provide the best because of its lopsided behind them also get something more. Instead the patient is also very much benefit as they will always get the best service. Mutually beneficial right?.

Then, if the health care business is not something that can be a commercial in the UK? I can still, because there are still practices, private doctors and private hospitals with the goal of the commercial segment of the patient who is very narrow. But what if more NHS services are free is very satisfying.

Perhaps, with the NHS system is implemented, the poorest people in the UK has only a remote possibility that life is better than the richest people of the United States.

Ok, now believe that Michael is all right because it is supported by the fact that is not subject to, and even he himself often be ridiculed because of cost issues for the people he interviews, as long as they are working, no matter who said it before.

I also have to believe, just one behind all these questions for me .... When I can in such?

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