Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Danger Melitus Diabetes

Melitus disease or diabetes, also known as diabetes may cause the sufferer to crash in the eyes, kidneys or other organs. Diabetes can also weaken the strength of musculature in the elderly patients (elderly).

Elderly people with type 2 diabetes risk in a rapid loss of strength muscularity than their contemporary people who are not people with their diabetes.

Melitus Diabetes is the condition where the body is not able to utilize blood glucose because of the interference function pangkreas increase insulin defisiensi.

Melitus Diabetes is a disease that most often have complications. This is related to the blood sugar level constant, so that result in damage to blood vessel, nerve and other internal structures. Poor blood circulation through the large pipe (macro) can harm the brain, heart and blood vessel foot (makroangiopati), whereas blood vessel small (micro) can harm the eyes, kidneys, nerves and skin, and slow healing of wounds.

People with diabetes can experience various complications, long-term diabetes if not managed properly. Complications that occur more often and turn off the heart attack and stroke.

Signs of diabetes, among others, a lot of urinating, drinking and eating, weight down quickly without a clear reason, often to sleep, difficult or old wounds healed, the ulcer disappeared arise, blurred vision, tired quickly, and easy nod.

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