Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Classification of Single Human

If you hear the word General, who would appear in our minds is alone or not have a boyfriend. Yup, just that! In fact, if want to see more, it can be classified Singles into eight. Wahh ... a lot eh? Each has its own characteristics.
Now, for you to search more targeted approach to make precise, rapid analysis of the character Singles operation target so that you! Ok, see ya go, the kind of status Singles.

1. True Single
Marriage is a fine has never been this court. Not yet understand about love. Focus your mind to its only learn and have never been interested to who.
Thick glasses, do not awake, in a fashion, and often not visible in the public bath.

2. Singles Sniper
Man with this type of court had not, but there is already a long time since in his appraiser. However, dare not reveal until now.
Often not visible in public places, because they do not have the courage. His hobby is in the solitude. Sometimes bring binoculars to scout and look to carry rubber bracelets Do lizard on the wall. He he he.

3. Singles Blue
Their status with this new Singles officially dropped out of court (bless each other), because I bored or saturated.
Cheerful as prisoners face a new freely. Enjoy life and find their lives again. Often-seen hangout busy busy. Self-determined conclusion!

4. Single Hunter
The hunters who enjoy the life of its own and often mutually pair. Singles longer, more hunting, more Singles, hunting again ....
Have the celebrities. Pede abis, extraordinary charm, and enchantment tebar often seen here and there. Food being a day-to-day that this is add a friend in Friendster & Facebook.

5. Single Error
Singles this court have not been successful, because the origin of Do and always failed. Singles diincar which is usually by someone who are "taken". Pity you!
Always fiery and passionate. Time acquaintance, directly out to bid next day not so married.

6. Single Negative
Marriage is one of half a sack by girlfriend and be in the low atmosphere, desprated, left, can not accept reality, and hates the name of love.
Panic easily, often chapfallen, bad mood, emotional, and hate romantic films. If you like incaran with this, get your intention to cancel. Very dengerous!

7. Single Impossible
Now, this type of person are of interest because the General is someone who may not be again. Hollywood celebrities, for example, a neighbor's wife, girlfriend conglomerates, or also reserve the boss's wife.
Always appear cool in the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you speak and feel like the actors are Tom Cruise himself.

8. Singles Final
His name is also final. Singles this one more near-proximity with someone and almost removing the status of his loneliness.
Every day can not be separated from the mirror, make-up, fashion updates, body care, diligently read the zodiac, and often smile-smile more time reading their own SMS. (aúl / dat)

Women of all types above, the buddy entry type, which I? ^ .. ^

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