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Secret Of The Bermuda Triangle

In fact the Bermuda Triangle is not correct when it is said triangle, the boundaries of the ships or aircraft that is missing from the form of a triangle than that. Triangle that is only the imagination only. When we take a map, we open in the Central America, there are many West Indies islands. To find out how the shape of the Bermuda Triangle, we pull the line from the city of Miami to the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico, from San Juan to the island of Bermuda, and back to Miami in the area of Florida, United States.

Although the actual Bermuda Triangle mystery is "owned" the United States, but it has misteriusan worldwide. Actual place of this kind there are in other places, also in the United States, which is in a lake, called Ontario, and even more "egregious" of the Bermuda Triangle.

From different conclusion, compass needle and the plane will always get lost and interference as they do not see the water. Of this phenomenon and concluded, on the sea floor there certainly there is a magnetic field is very strong, able to disrupt a compass or ship it interesting to the sea floor in the.

Not enough if I decipher all the events, and is also not menjurus on the settlement. But the form of supernatural events in the Bermuda Triangle, and this can be possible theories that many of the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps there is air in the atmosphere such interference in the form of "hole in the sky." To the hole that is the aircraft go out again without a grin. The mystery of "hole in the sky" was formed a theory about the existence of such a relationship between the world with another dimension. Hole in the sky was considered a kind of means of transportation such as appear in the film Star Trek. Or the form of a hole in the sky UFO? People often connect us with the loss of aircraft UFO appearance. So, if the loss is because they rapt ole UFO? Even the results only get questions without answers.

There are places in the Bermuda Triangle is called the Tongue of the Ocean or the "Ocean Lilah." Tongue have sea cliff sea bottom (canyon) Bahamas. There are some events on the accident there. Not many are not aware of Bermuda Triangle, so that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle mystery with another. For example, the mystery of the Sea Dragon has ever appeared in the Ann Peninsula, Massachussets U.S., in August 1917. This sea dragon can ask many of the victims? Or Cromwell currents in the Pacific Ocean that causes the ocean waves or hurricanes there? There are no people who know.

I wonder around the island there is a Bahamas blue hole, which is a kind of sea caves. Previously I have this really seriously, but after the ice age passed, the cave is submerged. Cash in the strong and often create a vortex wall hisap, many ships and small human hisap to pitch in the blue hole is without power, and the strange ships of small terhisap that will appear over the sea to return to the lapse of some time. But it raises the question is: can the Blue Hole is able to swallow a giant ship basic ocean?

The mystery that still has not been revealed is the Sargasso sea creature, not merely illusion. Sargasso sea in ships, that many who never get to the destination and buried in the seabed. There terhimpun ships from different times, treasure trove, human corpses and bones. Wide Sargasso Sea mystery to this 3650 km long and 1825 km wide, and flows around the very strong currents, so that the vortex formed a very large rotating slowly clockwise. There is a marine base in the mountains and have a lot of cliffs and the steep canyon.

Bermuda Triangle really interesting, and frightening. Perhaps the Caribbean is a place that saves a lot of curiosity-curiosity, such as light-light that is not clear originally, shadow-frightening shadows, the exit sign in the surface, but the shape is not clear from the larger whales. Shaped like a giant jellyfish with clear color and had to be witnessed by two people. "Jellyfish giant" as it is able to disrupt the compass needle and absorb physical energy. Perhaps the "giant jellyfish" is not a beast, but a UFO base can go out from the sea.

See the reality-and the fact that there is evidence that it can be, arise the various forms of theory that may be different from one another. Theories that have been raised to open the mysterious disappearance of ships, among others: The natural hazards or earthquakes that can attract incoming ships. There is a variety of currents that come together in the Bermuda Triangle area is, so it may flow down suddenly changed to the surface and cause a vortex. Found the Blue Hole, but it is still doubtful, because the large ships such as tankers or aircraft carrier may be able to not go by the Blue Hole. There was a quake that caused a fracture of the ground and suck up to them. There is a whirlpool or waterspout wind that can cause destruction because of an aircraft be.

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