Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teen Love Green

The love of the environment requires more than just intent. Indeed participate in the organization of nature lovers or so donator environmental groups love to show you that we respect the natural environment that increasingly critical. But more important is the practice. Actually do so, we just need discipline aja. So I have no intention, may be tried deh efforts this:

* Show us the love of the water with them se sparingly as possible. Bathroom with a shower rather than a better or bath tub up, because the water used is only that required only.

* View and calculated how many trees we plant in the garden or the gardener's house? The more trees the better. Than the tree can store water in the soil can also filter the air pollution due to smoke and the car more gas oxygen.

* Save paper. This is the most easily. With the means to save the paper, we also reduce the number of trees that have to be cut in the basic material for paper. Try to start using paper from recycled materials. If you can use the paper back and forth. Imagine how much paper the savings if we can print 20 pages.

* Select environmentally friendly materials. Our attitude to the protests that resulted in a waste plant could be channeled through the selection of goods that we used. Living in cardboard only check whether the product contains freon (refrigerator, ac), foam waste by its nature difficult to unravel (soap, shampoo) or use the animal is almost extinct (medicines, clothing, cosmetics). Well I do, I usah confused, leave it and select other products.

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