Saturday, August 1, 2009

Java Open Store in Java Online Store

Sun Microsystems has launched several new innovations in Java, one of which is a Java (SM) Store. A service that helps developers and companies to get a distribution channel that nearly unbeatable. By doing so, they could get potential customers and increase revenue through sales of innovative new content.

According to Eric Klein, Vice President Marketing Sun Java, the need for major Fortune 500 company or a company is small new software is the ability to reach customers.

"Java Platform reach more customers than other software platforms in the related industry," said Klein.

"We launched a Store Java developers to connect with hundreds of millions of Java users. Java Store will be the goal for Java software and content that most interesting, useful and entertaining," he added.

Sun said that the private beta program for Java Store has started. In addition, developers can begin submitting applications based on Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java to Java FX Warehouse for distribution of Java in the Store.

Sun claims Java Store has several advantages, among others, provide the market Java Store for Java applications.

Along with the launch of this Java Store, Sun also launched other innovative Java is Sun GlassFish (TM) Portfolio, software updates JavaFX and Java SE 1.2.

Sun GlassFish (TM) Portfolio is a web application platform opensource high. While the software update 1.2 with JavaFX JavaFX TV's first appearance in front of the public who complete vision JavaFX application that runs on the browser, desktop, mobile device, and TV. Meanwhile, the Java SE with Java Hotspot Client-First Garbage Collector.

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