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Calcium, Key Length Age

To avoid blood vessel happened stoppage due to cholesterol, rich product susu womb calcium during childhood can help. In some cases, the Feed can also extend the age, expressed as a study, such as dilansir AFP.

Research conducted during the 65 years since 1930 to 1300 in England and Scotland show, eating patterns that are equipped with the portion of milk, cheese and butter are high does not indicate a high number of disease kardiovaskuler.

In fact, children consume the most calcium from dairy products have a low risk of death due to stroke. Presented by such studies published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The risk of heart disease began in childhood, but the evidence that supports the statement that can not be the cause, whether the consumption of dairy products since early can help, or vice versa.

Some experts argued reveal, the high fat contents in food products such as milk with high butter womb can affect heart disease in the future.

The research team, led by a scientist from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Jolieke van der Pols to include 4374 as a participant since the end of the year 1930 that focus on food consumption.

In 2005, approximately 34% of the participants that as many as 1468 people died. In details, 378 people died because of coronary heart disease affected and 121 people died due to stroke. There is no evidence to find links between Feed the food or drink dairy products with the cause of death.

The surprising fact is found, the calcium Feed infancy, especially that obtained from milk and other food materials, has a death rate that is lower because of the stroke. "Furthermore, the Feed-rich foods with dairy products or calcium associated with various causes of death in the adult," said researchers at the conclusion of the study.

However, the researchers also emphasize the need for further studies to confirm the findings, including other factors such as income level and employment.

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