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Healthy Eyes Blessing Multivitamins

It's saying that the eyes are the window to the world. Therefore, eye health should always be kept if we still want to enjoy the beauty of the world. Eye care can also be done from within, with healthy foods that contain a certain vitamin. Why is the quality of human vision, in line with the increase of age, will decrease? One cause is the sun. In fact, the sun always we face every day, no matter when the activity is being pro and are relaxed. 

Cells in the lens produce a set of proteins called kristalin. Protein functions such as fiber optics, which will filter the light through the lens to the retina. Elements of red, blue, green, yellow, and ultraviolet (UV) can penetrate the transparent eye lens. Of all the elements, the UV rays can damage the lens, while the blue-ray can potentially damage the retina, which act as a sensor membrane lining the eyes, and the recipient of the image-formation lens image.

In addition, the natural process of metabolism, such as free radicals, that can also cause eye damage. If not in netralisasi by the antioxidants, the oxidation is too long can potentially damage the lipid, protein, and other components so that the eyepiece lens will increasingly clouded. Turbidity is usually referred to as a cataract.

Antioxidants in this case is a compound in food that help the cells and maintained in its network in the lens and healthy organs other. In the lens, are a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin E. Protective and nutrition that is rich in antioxidants bargains and practical solutions to prevent cataracts.

Research shows that women with the consumption of vitamin C, vitamin E, riboflavin, folat, and beta karoten that have a high tendency to suffer smaller lens turbidity than women who consumed more low-nutrition. Those who consume vitamin C supplements for at least 10 years also tended to avoid eye lens turbidity than those who did not consume supplements vitamin C.

Women who regularly consume vitamin E will not be damaged in the fast lens. The rate of increase in lens turbidity less than 30% among women who consume vitamin E supplements for at least 10 years old than those who did not consume vitamin E.

Nutrition increasingly believed to help maintain its role in the power of vision. Although surgery is still considered to be the most reasonable solution for people with cataracts, but it clearly does not cost cheap. Therefore, consumption of multivitamin become an interesting option to maintain eye health.

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