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The glass eye as a Trend Mode

Variety of reasons people use a glass eye, but will initially use the glass eye is because of the constraints on him because that is difficult to see, or eye pain, and so forth. To overcome the obstacles that at first only to think how people can overcome obstacles that have, without thinking about the opportunities in the barriers. The old, the concept of using the obstacles become opportunities, including growing in the use of glass eyes. People have started to think, than overcame the problem, an opportunity modis used to select the frame style.

So the glass eye Trend Mode
From the above brief description, we can see that the stylist or the fashion world finally incorporate glass eye with the lifestyle (lifestyle) and a part of the fashion industry, which continues to move. In fact, protective glasses (sun glasses), and exercise did not want to lose a moment in the development of human life at this time.
As a tool to help view, glasses initially form a loupe or better known as the magnifying glass. Magnifying glass of an eyeglasses without a frame, glasses frames, until then a contact lens (contact lens), and Lasik (Laser Assisted Insitu Keratosmileusis), the latest technology to help edit the refraksi deviation (refraction).

The development of model glasses continuously scrolling style according to demand a better life. Of course there are glasses made of horn and wood materials to show the impression conservative. It's made of lightweight titanium to provide solid and strong image. There are also glimmers of rubber and plastic material that is flexible.

Moreover, the frame is also available and can handle the glasses in the bucklings but it will not be broken. The strength of this optical technology that supported the innovative, the frame that is a mix between plastic and rubber so elastic.

Frame (frame) is also increasingly variatif. Previous years, the frame is generally oval-shaped or box. Whereas now, the development of appropriate technology, created the semi-oval glass eyes. Even some types of glasses, such as eyeglasses frames, eyeglasses without a frame (frameless), and half-frame glasses (semi frameless).

Frameless glasses suitable for the executive look like a formal elegance. Meanwhile, for school children and employees who work outdoor wear glasses should be mounted. This is to facilitate maintenance at the time. But if you want to do is to choose the semi frameless glasses, Lens glasses are not just made of glass. Most users choose plastic lens glasses ber. Besides not easily broken, plastic lens is also not easy to graze again, because plastic lenses are equipped with anti-scratch hardcoat and anti-broken.

Meanwhile, to ease in selecting glasses, most of the optical energy to provide Optician and adviser. In fact, already in the development of the last

Tips Choosing The Right Glass Eye

1. Note the form of your face.

Oval shape, suitable to use almost all types of frames.

Rounded shape, avoiding the frame-shaped rounded

Form the heart, avoiding the frame with the form at the top of the belly, and small at the bottom of the

The form of a square, avoiding the frame-shaped box

2. Note also the size of your face.
The small size of the face, the size of the eye is too close, you should avoid using glasses that are too large.

3. Decide the shape and size of the right frame for your face, before choosing the color of the frame

4. Select frame color neutral, if the glasses are used routinely

5. If you use the glasses regularly, and learn many outdoor activities, consider selecting lenses photogray (dark changed when exposed to UV rays)

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