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Talk and Language Disorder in Children

Disruption to talk is one of the problems that often occur in children - children. It is estimated that approximately 4-5% of children - children suffering from speech and language disorders. Early detection should be upheld so that the cause could be found so that treatment and recovery can be done as early as possible.

Children with hearing loss at age under 3 years too late to be treated or given a hearing aid will lose the opportunity to develop non-verbal communication system by himself, so the opportunity to teach him to be able to speak intelligible have disappeared.

Parents who should be sensitive to various abnormalities in the development of speech and language skills of children.

Below are guidelines that can be used as the standard deviation of speech and language disorders in children. Contact your child's doctor if there are symptoms you have encountered in your child.

The pediatrician will do further evaluation to assess whether there are disorders of language development.

Aram DM (1987) and Towne (1983), said that the suspected developmental disorder of language skills in children, if found symptoms - symptoms as follows:

1. At 6 months of age children are not able to turn eyes and head toward the sound coming from behind or the side.
2. At the age of 10 months the child does not react to call his own.
3. At the age of 15 months did not understand and react to words - words do not, da-da, and so on.
4. At the age of 18 months can not call ten single word.
5. at the age of 21 months is not responding to commands (eg sit, come, stand).
6. at 24 months of age can not be called part - part of the body.
7. At the age of 24 months not been able to summon a phrase that consists of 2 pieces said.
8. After 24 months of age have a vocabulary of only a very little / no words - words in the phrase hurf z.
9. At the age of 30 months of his words can not be understood by family members.
10. At the age of 36 months have not been able to use sentences - simple sentences.
11. At the age of 36 months can not be asked to use the Ask a simple sentence.
12. At the age of 36 months of his words are not understood by people outside the family.
13. At the age of 3.5 years failed to mention the final word (for paint ca, ba for tires and other - other).
14. After 4 years of age are not fluent speaking (stuttering).
15. After 7 years of age there was an error saying.
16. At any age there is hipernasalitas or hiponasalitas (nasal / bindeng) are real or have a monotonous voice, without stopping, very hard and can not be heard and continue to let out a hoarse voice.

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